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Magic World 1.0

Magic World is a 3D game - lead a little rabbit through different scenarios
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Magic World is a 3D platform game. You will have to lead a little rabbit through different scenarios, collecting crystals and defeating enemies, finding your way to the next level. The rabbit must collect all the crystals in a level, going up and down using the ladders that connect the floating platforms in order to be able to go through each level´s door. Beware, don´t fall from the platforms, because you´ll lose a life. As levels increase, you will have to collect more crystals to advance to a next level, and you will need to avoid or destroy more enemies, by throwing bombs or magic spells at them. You will be able to collect and use power shields, freeze bonuses, magic teleports and other magic features.

You will be able to change the viewing perspective, zooming in or out, or rotating the camera to the right or the left. Magic World has three game modes: Forest, Rocks and Desert, offering the player 36 different 3D levels. The demo version will only have the Forest mode available though.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive game
  • It has nice 3D graphics and good sound


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